Our Carbon Aerogels are engineered to provide the best possible solutions for lead battery, ultracapacitor, or gas storage needs. Over the years we have worked hard to develop a customizable solution for applications using our high-purity Carbon Aerogel to bring to market an advanced carbon that will help pave the way to a new future with better solutions.

Customization to surface area, pore size distribution, and total pore volume can yield carbon material with a broad range of surface properties. We tailor these properties for adaptation to the specific requirements of a given energy storage application.
Enhancing lead batteries for next-generation applications
  • Improved partial-state-of-charge utility
  • Exceptional charge acceptance
  • Extended battery lifetime

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Paradigm-shifting carbon aerogels for the ultracapacitor industry
  • Sustained cycle stability
  • Elevated energy density through high-voltage operation
  • Designed for high-power performance
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Advanced storage for adsorbed natural gas
  • Unrivaled storage capacity
  • Dependable transportation safety
  • Low operating pressure

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Our focus is not just on creating a dependable product you can be completely satisfied with, but also on working collaboratively with our customers and their end-users to bring them the best solutions for creating a better product.

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