enerG2, founded in 2003 in Seattle, Washington, developed its patented Carbon Technology Platform to enable large-scale production of carbon materials that surpass the limitations of the naturally occurring carbons traditionally used in energy storage applications. Polymer chemistry is the foundation for enerG2’s market-leading innovations. enerG2 has developed laboratory-scale technologies and translated those technologies to commercial-scale manufacturing, all based on finely controlled and ultra-high purity polymer chemistry. Delivering these tailored carbons to energy storage device manufacturers allows our customers to increase device utilization and performance to create better cost/performance value to the end consumer.


enerG2′s Management team has extensive experience in business formation, engineered materials, technology and product development

Dr. Kirill Bramnik
Chief Executive Officer
As CEO of enerG2, Dr. Kirill Bramnik helps lead the executive team through development and execution of strategies to facilitate rapid growth as a new member of part of the BASF family of businesses. With his extensive experience from BASF's energy storage materials businesses, Kirill brings deep operational expertise along with an entrepreneurial mindset enabling enerG2 to continue rapid growth on the BASF foundation of stability and resources.
Jack Santo
Chief Financial Officer
Jack serves as Chief Financial Officer at enerG2. In his role as CFO, Jack oversees all financial and administrative aspects of day to day operations while guiding the financial strategy of the company. Coming with deep cross-functional experience within BASF, Jack also ensures integration with our BASF parent's systems and policies.
Aaron Feaver, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer
Concentrating on the synthesis and processing of high-performance carbon materials, Aaron is a global expert on the move to engineered materials solutions for clean technology. Aaron co-founded enerG2 and has written and spoken extensively on nanotechnology topics. He has led the company’s technology development from inception at the labs of the University of Washington in 2003 to a venture-backed business today. Aaron is also the custodian of enerG2’s Carbon Technology Platform and provides guidance and technical direction for the company, including the strategy and execution of enerG2’s intellectual property strategy.
Chad Goodwin
Product Manager
As Product Manager, Chad is a 10 year veteran at enerG2. He spent the first 6 years as a Research Engineer where he helped develop the enerG2 Advanced Carbon Aerogel technology platform as a contributor to both the unique pore structures and particle size distributions. He has an in-depth knowledge of Ultracapacitors and how Carbon Aerogel characteristics relate to electrochemical performance in many types of energy storage devices. In his role as Product Manager he makes sure the product quality is consistent and delivered to the customer’s expectation, as well as contributes to global sales as a technical expert.
Chris Hohman
VP Manufacturing
Chris serves as VP of Manufacturing at enerG2’s 74,000 square foot state-of-the-art production facility in Albany, Oregon. In this role, he facilitates all aspects of day-to-day operational efforts to safely manufacture advanced engineered carbon and meet enerG2’s customers needs. In addition, Chris is responsible for driving the strategic scale up of new and existing technologies and capabilities as enerG2 continues to broaden its footprint within the energy storage market. Chris joined enerG2 as Engineering Manager in 2016, bringing engineering and operations management experience from both industry leading chemical manufacturers and start up environments.